From Birth Until Age 5(ish)
Elementary School Years
Jr/Sr High School Years
Enter Adulthood

Birth until Age 5
One of the few pictures that I found actually dated. I appear to be "running" away from home here in 1971. Funny, did all children try that? That bag looks almost as big as me!
wally and I Here I am with my older brother Wally. I look to be maybe 2 or 3? Would be nice if the picture was noted. Here's proof that Polaroids suck. Such a shame so many of our pictures were in that format. I hear that I hated wearing pants so wondering how my grandma got me in them. We are there in front of her house. I recall seeing a picture of me around the same age sitting in front of her house on a suitcase. It seems I must have tried to run away from home. I will see if I can find that picture somewhere. :-)
Here is another picture of that same day. That would be Laura in the background in lavendar polyester, and Grandma off to the right. Sorry for the bad picture. Too bad they used all of those poleroids back then.
Age 4 I have no clue how old I was here, but I am guessing maybe 4 or so. I found many pictures of me with my hands in prayer mode like that. I have no idea the significance although I did go to church a lot back then. Even then I looked sad and had dark circles under my eyes. Lovely eh?
Easter Age4 or 5 Obviously another Easter print, not sure of the year, but since Bob looks to be 2 or 3, I must be 4 or 5. This would be the picture that Dear Melissa found one day at around the same age, brought to me and asked "Whose lap am I sitting on?" :-)
Easter Age4 or 5 Here is another one. Check out that Morton Salt box on the table. They haven't changed the package in over 30 years! Amazing.
Easter Age4 Here I am Easter 1971ish. (Around 4) Standing behind me is sister Laura. Boy don't we look happy! I am guessing that I cut my bangs myself, what do you think? I seldom recall sadness from those early days, but I think the picture speaks for itself...