Art Work

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a "closet artist." I coin this term because to say that one is an artist usually invokes either ridicule, inquisition, disdain, or all of the above. But, to me, being an artist is something that I just am. I have no more control of it than I do the air I breathe. As long as I can recall, I have been into arts, crafts, museums. I was that kid who looked forward to the yearly trips to the art museum.
So, if you wanna see some of my stuff, visit my Art Pages.

Since I don't have anything particulary fun to share at the moment, you can see pictures of my automobiles.

First Car

My first auto was a 1976 (or was it 1978?) Chevrolet Malibu Supreme. She died on Christmas Eve, 1990, just after I moved to Columbus. That was an interesting event! I had only had her for about 6 months. Sorry, I don't have a picture of her.

Second Car

My next car after that was a 1984 Blue Chevrolet Cavalier. Believe it or not, I didn't get her until 1994, so I went 4 years almost with a car. She was the first car I picked and bought myself. Her engine died very soon thereafter, and I paid almost 1500 to get a new one put in, a process that was not a very good situation, and cost a friendship.

Third Car - First Loan

Finally, in December 1995, I bought my first Saturn. (Can you tell I am a GM girl? :-) ) She was a 1992, and I was thoroughly in love with the sunroof and all of the other amenities. Her price was 10,500$ (before tax, title, interest, of course.) She was also my first car loan, fun fun fun! And, I would probably still be driving her if not for that stupid lady driving a white Ford Expedition on 270 slamming into me and totalling her.

Here she is in my parking lot during the small blizzard of February 2003. That girl wasn't going nowhere! We had our first blizzard together in 1996 and she wouldn't leave the parking lot for nothing. I was still living on campus then, and it took 3 neighbors to get her out of the parking lot.

Here is another photo. If you notice, the snow is up to the bottom of that bird feeder, which was about 12" off the ground. So, because of drifts and such, we had areas as deep as two feet near my complex. Fortunately for me, I had already planned PTO for that week, and stayed nice and snug as a bug in my apartment.

Current Vehicle

My current vehicle is an SUV. A 2003 Saturn VUE, AWD, V6 Engine. I love her! Again I have the power sunroof, but also heated leather seats, which oddly enough, I have found useful here in ATL in the "winter." I was caught in a bad time situation because the 2004 vehicles had not yet come in, and there were literally only about 5 or 6 AWD, V6, VUEs in the entire Metro Cols area. The salesman tried to convince me to get the 4 cyclinder, even hitting on me in the car, implying we could go back to my place, yadda yadda (guess he liked us big girls.) But, I stuck to my guns, closed the deal sans the salesman, and spent 2500 more than budgetted because of the extra amenities. But, my "kewl" car isn't that kewl down here. For some reason, people think I actually put regular decals on my car, but not. The logos were custom put on from a shop in Westerville. I didn't take a photo of the headrests, but they are custom embroidered with the Ohio State logo. :-)