From Birth Until Age 5(ish)
Elementary School Years
Jr/Sr High School Years
Enter Adulthood

Quick Facts

  • I was born on 17 October 1967.
  • My birthplace is Toledo, Ohio, USA.
  • I am #4 of 5 children. (2 older brothers, 1 older sister, and 1 younger brother)
  • I have 1 half-sister that I haven't seen since she was 10. Update: well, I finally saw her again in 2005 at my niece Kristin's graduation party. She still has such white-blonde hair. Me thinks that I should put a page up for her. Hmm, I will do that. You can see her and I together at
  • My best friends in elementary school were Sonya, Tammy, and Michelle.
  • I graduated from Whitmer High School, 1 year early.
  • I worked as a Candy Striper during High School at St. Vincent's Hospital (in Toledo).
  • I wore a size 6 until age 9. (I have really changed! ).
  • I am known for my long hair and blue eyes.
  • I detest being called "Kim." (Wanna see my birth certificate? My name is "Kimberly!")