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Elementary School Years
Jr/Sr High School Years
Enter Adulthood

Bring on Adulthood!
Kimberly Age 32 Here I am at age 18 or 19 I think. My old friend Dawn McClanahan and I drove to Niagara Falls. I was far more adventurous back then. *grin* I actually climbed over the safety rail, and climbed down on the rocks so that I could touch the water. I can't find the other pictures, Dawn had gotten one with me at the water too. Sorry for the bad picture, but it really is me. On my return trip, one of the little police men dudes was waiting for me to chastise me. I guess I could have gotten into a lot of trouble. The year following this, I read of a man who did the exact same thing as I, but got swept away by the falls. Apparently the side that is behind me, but you can't see, can just rapidly build up and sweep over the rocks where you see me climbing. Hence, the reason you are NOT supposed to do what I did. You can see a closeup of me at this location.
Kimberly in Niagara Falls Fast forward 15 years and here I am. Got the long hair again. :-) A heck of a lot heavier, but, still have a twinkle in the eyes I guess.
And here I am with my mom in April 2006 at my nephew's belated wedding reception. She really isn't scowling, just didn't have her false teeth in at the time. That would be my nephew Joe IV at the camera, sorry for the not-so-greatly-framed image. :-)