From Birth Until Age 5(ish)
Elementary School Years
Jr/Sr High School Years
Enter Adulthood

Elementary School
Joe & Kimberly & Wally Here is another one from that same Easter. That would be the oldest Joe III, myself, and Wally. You can tell it is not summer as my hair is at its darker stage. Wally sure looked blonde. We were all blonde as children except for Joe. My hair was about the same as Wally's, usually, getting lighter in the summer. As you can tell, that red gene hadn't set in yet.
Kimberly 1974 Yea! Another dated one. I am presuming it is summer time there since I was wearing shorts, so that would make me 6, going on 7. I believe that was an eskimo pup I am holding. Check out the legs, see how my knees go backwards, hypoextension they call that.
Easter 77 Here we all are except for Joe at the wicked witch they called Aunt Mary's house. She is the person with whom I was forced to live for 8 very long months. She was horribly wretched to us, beating us, Wally the worse, and just being horrible. That there outfit was a last minute one for me because Mary spent the money my mother gave her to purchase my easter outfit on her own daughter, so by the time my mother found out and took me shopping, there were slim pickings. Don't we all look ever so happy? That would be Laura on the far left back, our mother in the middle back, and then Wally, with myself and Bob in the front. You can really see Joe's similarity to our mother in this picture, even though he isn't in it. LOL. Again, sorry for the horrid pic. That is a polaroid for you.
Kimberly & Friends at Sauders Museum, 7th grade Here I am at Sauder's Museum in the 7th grade. I am guessing that was the beginning of the year since we had light jackets on, and we studied the Industrial age then, I think, LOL. That would be Julie Krempa next to me, Sonya Yancy with her head turned away behind, and Dawn Estes, Jeff something.
kimberly 13 or 14? Hmm, I thought I was maybe around 13 here, but I see that I am wearing those navy with yellow stripe shorts, which I think were my infamous knit Whitmer gym shorts. That would mean I was at least a Freshman, and 14? So, somewhere around there. The next picture I am 15 for sure, so this one is definitely 13 or 14. We might have had the same gym shorts in junior high. But, obviously, it is a self portrait as I was loving my hair that day. Check out those HUGE glasses. That was the style back then. muhaha!